If you are looking for a fun and creative way to celebrate a group event or if you are in charge of raising money for your school or organization, come ask us for ideas so that we can help you achieve your goals! Here are a few types of fundraising events that we've hosted at Twin Falls, ID Hands On in the past.


Twin Falls, ID Hands On is happy to host your fundraising event in our studio. Reserve a date or time with us to have members of your school, group or community come in and paint pottery. All they need to do is come in during the set time. We'll charge everyone a cover charge (in lieu of the studio fees) for participating in the event plus the price of the pieces they choose to paint during the event. We'll donate the entire cover charge to your organization. We can play games, have snacks or follow whatever theme you chooose for your event.


Whether it is tiles surrounding a mirror, a mosaic table or a large serving piece with handprints, Twin Falls, ID Hands On has a variety of great items that can be turned into masterpieces that any parents will want to buy! All you have to do is come in and we will help you select a project. First you'll choose your design/theme and color scheme. Next you'll decide if you would like (a) the class to take a field trip to Twin Falls, ID Hands On or (b) if you would prefer to borrow the materials to do the work at school or (c) have us come to your location to assist with the project. Once the painting is completed, you leave the ceramic pieces with us or bring them back for glazing and firing. In ten days or less, your project is ready to help you raise money!


We are happy to work together to help your organization raise funds to meet your budget and goals. As a part of our PPP program, Twin Falls, ID Hands On will give a percentage of any business that comes from members and supporters of your organization back to your organization on an ongoing basis. It's really easy - we provide your organization with the cards and you distribute them to your members. Whenever your cardholders come in to Twin Falls, ID Hands On to create and make a purchase with us, they show us the card and we will credit your organization with the sale. Then at the end of the month, we send you a check.


A Twin Falls, ID Hands On Studio Pass entitles the holder to five FREE studio fees and five 10% OFF coupons. These passes have a retail value of at least $25. Want to raise some money for your group quickly? Buy these passes from us as part of our STUDIO PASS "FUN" draising program. We'll sell them to you at a discounted price of $5 each and you can sell them to all your family and friends. You can charge any amount you choose. All the money you make above $5 is pure profit that goes directly to your organization.

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